Aaron Smitthipong


As a confident and decisive leader, I am comfortable creating structure within ambiguity, unifying diverse skill sets, and driving teams toward a common goal. A constant desire for quality and accuracy drives my approach to both creativity and leadership.

My goal as a leader is to earn the trust of my team through shared expertise, thoughtful direction, and patient guidance.

Understanding the importance of relating to my team members, I remain firmly connected to my years of experience designing and coding, allowing me to both advocate for them and also push them.


Leaders have a great responsibility to foster individual and career growth in their team members. It is, of course, imperative for the benefit of the organization, but more importantly, a leader must demonstrate an unwavering investment in each person.

The more I understand my team members’ interests and passions, the better I can relate to them, motivate them, and manage them.

I guide and mentor my teams with a careful balance between my own experiences and my understanding of each person and their unique goals and motivations.


Every person has unique capabilities that contribute to a team’s strength. As a manager, it is my responsibility to balance each team member’s tasks and workload in order to maximize their potential and ensure on-time delivery.

I invest a great deal of time and detail into my communication. I have learned from experience that the more the team understands collectively, the better we can collaborate and execute.

I am a patient and communicative manager who values one-to-one interaction with my teammates. I take responsibility for failures and give credit for accomplishments, because my team’s success is my success.