Aaron Smitthipong

Art Direction + UX/UI Design

Design is an art of contradiction. It can be emotive and inspirational, and paradoxically, when successful, it can go completely unnoticed. It is a craft that rewards selflessness but demands a strong personal perspective.

I embrace these contradictions as part of the process. It is why I continue to learn and grow after more than 20 years as a designer. And it is why design remains fulfilling, and why every new project is exciting…it is a riddle ready to be solved.

At my core I am a craftsman. I care about the quality of my work and I invest time and effort into the details.

Disciplines That Require Discipline

Enterprise Website Design

Sunset photo from Talking Stick Resort

Larger in size and complexity, enterprise websites require design planning and strategic forethought. Modular builds rely on flexible and extensible design systems and the integration of numerous third party data sources into unified brand interfaces.

Application Design

Detail of interface design

Packed with functionality, application interfaces need to establish utility and ease-of-use through clarity and consistency. Delight is created through detail and care without sacrificing efficiency and usability.

UX Design

Wireframe detail

Stripped of the emotion provided by brand and interface, UX is a discipline of logic, analysis, and empathy where success is defined by the clarity of communication and the intuitiveness of function.

Information Design

Thumbnail portion of information design

Complex systems require careful, considered design to distill detailed information down to understandable pieces. Much more than “infographics”, information design is instructional, insightful, and promotes understanding.

Logo + Identity Design

Thumbnail portion of logo design

The representation of a brand’s personality, a logo must embody the edge, tone, and style of an organization. Successful marks are versatile, flexible, and capture the imagination.

Digital Illustration

Thumbnail portion of illustration

Illustration can add emotion to design that is not possible with photography. Whether it is whimsical, stylish, or serious, the voice and perspective of the artist shines through and adds new levels of communication to design.